About Me!



Hi, I’m Phil from Phili and I’m living in the UK!

If I had to describe myself I would have to say:

  • Creative
  • Linguist
  • Writer
  • Runner
  • Language Lover

I have three major aspects to my life writing, languages and running.

So if you’re still here, take a look at my journey through all three.

My Writing Life

writing life

Writing has been my number one passion all of my life.

From when I was a child, I was writing stories for my parents, creating plays or just living in my own fairytale world.

Growing up, I wrote for the school papers and won a few short story competitions.

My love of words led me to choosing between studying linguistics and English Literature.

Linguistics won in the end (although I was able to take some English Literature modules) and this is what led me to begin my language learning journey.

My Language Life

Getting into languages happened relatively late in my life.

From a love of writing, I decided to study linguistics at University and it was there that the language bug began to grow.

Most people on my course were either bilingual, spoke a few languages or were at least dabbling in foreign languages. With my peer group being language obsessed it was impossible to resist.

I started to learn Russian on evenings and went from there.

Now I split my time between writing, learning languages and running.

My Running Life

Running is the third passion in my life and the one I started the latest.

Just like languages, the running world opened up to me during my time at university.

I’d always been in shape as a child but when I went to university I started to pile on the weight. I just couldn’t control it.

My friends and family started to comment on it and I began to feel very self conscious. So I decided to do something about it by starting running.

My first run was horrible but after a month of doing it every day I began to enjoy it.

It’s been five years since I started and I’ve continued to run at least four times a week since then.

running life

Languages I Want To Learn

Now I’ve covered my three greatest passions, let me dive a bit deeper into my language world.

These are the languages that I want to learn:

  • Mandarin
  • Arabic
  • French
  • Japanese

Language I Already Speak

And these are the ones that I’ve already had the pleasure of learning so far:

  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Italian
  • Hebrew

(Of course I don’t speak them all fluently!)

Big News

I’ve recently been acquired by Lingo Press Books, which means not only will I be migrating my content to them but I’ll also be writing for them.

This is a really exciting prospect for me because languages have always been a passion of mine and now I get the chance to work with like minded writers.

Lingo Press are a company who specialise in writing graded readers to help people learn languages.

Not only that but they produce fun content, tips and tricks, all with the intention to help you learn languages.

As much as I’ll enjoy picking their brains, I also believe that I have a lot to contribute to the team and I look forward to sharing my ideas.

I am excited to combine my love of writing with my love of languages and see where it takes me in these next stages of my life.


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